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New Master Plan (PGOU) for Getxo



The city of Getxo is known for its sports program. It was the European capital city of sports in 2014 and won a prize for Best Sports City in 2015. Getxo also has an Urban Development Plan - Estrategia Getxo 2020. The reason for this project is the renovation of the sports park, but the ambition goes further: with this project Getxo wants to bridge the gap between the sports program and the Estrategia Getxo 2020 program. The concrete goals of this project are, therefore:

  1. Renovating the sports park and integrating it better with the environment.
  2. Looking beyond sport: the goal is good and healthy life.
  3. Using the Fadura Sports Park as a living lab where new technologies stimulate the sporting experience and quality of life in the city.

The Kirolak Fadura Park project thus becomes a critical and constructive reflection on the relationship of the park with its environment, better life and innovation.


Our approach - The approach ensures a good integration between the participation process on the one hand and the design process of the new sports park on the other. It delivers:

  1. A good coordination and well-organized dialogue between the stakeholders and the designers, key for a successful project.
  2. A broad reach of stakeholders and great diversity among participants (age, gender, athletes as well as inhabitants of the neighbourhood and the city).
  3. A strong support amongst stakeholders through a constructive sequence of physical and digital participation in all steps of the process.
  4. A highly qualitative and sustainable Fadura Sports Park design, co-design bringing together many perspectives.